The Pukar Disability Resource Centre aims to work with disabled people, their carers and families to maintain their independence, and to make an accessible centre in Preston city centre, where disabled adults  and their carers can access information, resources, education and training, using trained staff and volunteers. Pukar Disability Resource Centre – (Registered Charity 1077534 )

Pukar provides a range of support, advice and information that is sensitive to their culture, faith and language as well as educational, social and leisure activities.  Pukar is the voice of the views and issues that affect our community, by campaigning for carers and disabled people. Pukar Disability Resource Centre was founded in April 1998 by Poppy Tanna, herself physically disabled, after she became aware of specific needs of black and minority ethnic disabled people and their families while working for other community groups in the Preston area. Currently Pukar is a user led organisation that has been described as a community asset, as it has an impact on the local community.


Preston, PR1 3XP