Carers support is an integral part of the work of Pukar; staff have extensive experience of working with carers and their families from diverse communities.

Pukar works with carers by:

  • Identifying new carers
  • Providing information and advice and support
  • Provide learning opportunities
  • Provide carers breaks
  • Drop in service for enquiries
  • Form filling related to carers
  • Link carers with organisations that would further provide¬†¬† support
  • Advocacy service
  • Language support
  • Home visits

Regular carers meetings are held that provide opportunities for carers to meet for mutual support, participate in activities at the centre and also away from the centre,

Case study

P was referred by a partner organisation to Pukar by her friend. Pukar staff assessed her and arranged for a English speaking class. It was found she was caring for 3 members of her family and she herself had a disability. Pukar worked extensively with her including on Debt advice and support and enabled her to link into courses to support with continues learning.

Preston, PR1 3XP