Pukar Disability Centre has a range of services for its users. It has a large classroom and Resource centre, a small meeting room, and two IT rooms with 20 computers.

IT classes: The Pukar centre has taught many IT and computer based courses for its users. These range from; Basic IT, Internet Essentials, Practical Computer, functional IT skills.

ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages): These courses involve teaching basic English to people whose first language is not English, and want to improve communication skills in English.

We currently provide courses for ESOL levels; Pre-Entry, Entry 1 (E1), Entry 2 (E2), and Entry 3 (E3).

We also provide advice and guidance to allow users to progress further to Level 1 and above, aswell as further education and work options. These courses will suit people of all levels, and allow them to progress to improve their English.

Maths course: Pukar is running a Maths course to teach Level 1 in Maths.

Work club: People who are seeking employment can receive support from the Work Club course in Pukar. The course helps users build their CV’s and to search for jobs online. All users receive continuous help from an experienced tutor. The work club is held in the Pukar centre weekly.  Many people have gained employment through attending Work clubs.

Short courses: Pukar does a number of free short courses which are for 2 hours per week, for 8 weeks. These include; Cake decorating, hair and beauty, Conversation & Speaking class, Henna painting, Sewing courses. The Short courses will be spread out throughout the year based on demand of Pukar users.

Preston, PR1 3XP