About Us

About Us

Working to Maintain Your Independence and Facilitate Access

The Pukar Disability Resource Centre aims to work with disabled people, their carers and families to maintain their independence, and to make an accessible centre in Preston city centre, where disabled adults and their carers can access information, resources, education and training, using trained staff and volunteers. 

Our Mission

A Support System for The Disabled​

Pukar provides a range of support, advice and information that is sensitive to their culture, faith and language as well as educational, social and leisure activities. Pukar is the voice of the views and issues that affect our community, by campaigning for carers and disabled people. 

Pukar Disability Resource Centre was founded in April 1998 by Poppy Tanna, herself physically disabled, after she became aware of specific needs of black and minority ethnic disabled people and their families while working for other community groups in the Preston area. Currently, Pukar is a user-led organisation that has been described as a community asset, as it has an impact on the local community.

Our Aims
Our Objectives

Delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive, multilingual service for disabled people, carers & their families.

Multi-lingual advice for service users on benefits, housing, social, health & education services, by means of direct information.

Our Services at Pukar:


To provide a resource and a focal point where their views & needs can be voiced. Pukar will campaign to improve service provision.

Social and Leisure

To offer life enhancing opportunities for educational, social & leisure activities. Social & leisure provision for disabled adults, carers & their families, Various taster sessions are available for people to come and have a go at short training sessions.

Bilingual Service

This service, available to users on request, to assist with basic letters, official communications. Where this is needed because of language barriers. This service is available to disabled people, carers & their families.

Support Advice Information

To provide support, advice & information that is sensitive to culture, faith & language needs, for disabled people from minority ethnic communities & to families & carers of disabled adults.

Outreach Service

Outreach facility, to assist with any barriers with regards to accessing mainstream services.


Advocacy support to enable service users to successfully liaise with statutory organisations.

Completing Applications

Support with completing some forms & applications such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment Support Allowance Work Assessment forms, Universal credit applications.

Training in disability and BME for service providers

We can provide training on BME and disability for groups and organisations, there is a charge for the training this can be for 3 hours or full day.

Education and Training and Courses

Tuition in ESOL, basic literacy & numeracy & information technology to improve basic life skills, & improve employability. Basic Confidence building courses that are designed in partnership with colleges and other providers to improve confidence, enable empowerment and give people an opportunity to socialise and learn new skills. The classes are open for everyone.

Partnership Working

Working with and liaising with statutory & voluntary service providers & advice on appropriate provision to meet cultural & religious requirements. In addition highlighting and campaigning for the needs of disabled people and carers.
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Volunteering Support

We provide opportunities for volunteers at the centre.

Signposting and Referrals

Advice on where to seek more information, by working in partnership with other voluntary community and faith sector groups & mainstream organisations. Referrals can made with the permission of service users for further support and advice.

Carers Support and Breaks

Opportunities for both male & female disabled users & their carers to meet for mutual support, participate in activities at the centre and also away from the centre that will give themselves time for themselves.

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